WordPress Free Blogging Platform Software Review

You want to build a blog?

Forget MovableType, Blogger, Textpattern, it’s all j-u-n-k compared to WordPress.

You get WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get for all you non-internet nerds out there) which makes it ridiculously easy to write posts.

You get user roles. This is what WordPress says about roles:

The WordPress Roles feature is designed to give the blog owner the ability to control and assign what users can and cannot do in the blog. A blog owner must manage and allow access to such functions as writing and editing Posts, creating Pages, defining Links, creating Categories, moderating Comments, managing Plugins, managing Themes, and managing other users. The tool that gives the blog owner that control is the ability to assign a Role to a user; and, this article provides the details on those Roles.

Freaking Huge W. For your enjoyment.I can feel that. If you’re running with multiple co-bloggers maybe give them access to write and edit posts but disable them from being able to manage plugins and themes. Stop those co-blogger saboteurs!

WordPress is sexy. Makes you want to run your fingers down its slick admin interface… probe the plugins deeply and firmly… yet gently. I won’t hurt you WordPress, I only want to enjoy you.

Boring stuff you should know: It’s written in PHP and MySQL – which is actually good but doesn’t really add to the sexiness factor. Just take this as a good thing – take my word… you trust me don’t you? Good.

Unlike a real life human, you can upgrade WordPress very easily without an major hastle. It’s basically clicking a button, no joke it’s that simple. Even a caveman could do it. If he knew how to read and not just grunt and smell like lamb shanks.

Want to know something else that’s sexy about WordPress? Ajax. Say that word with me. A-J-A-X. No it’s not the thing you use to clean your bathroom. This is useful because you do some editing in your admin panel and BOOM it’s updated. No having to hit save and reload and all that junk. It’s done REALTIME. Nice.

Want to add images to your blog posts? No prob. You can upload it right from the post instead of having to go to some other screen. It also automatically generates thumbnails that are linked to an image when you’ve uploaded it. Just drap-and-drop those little babies. And we all now how lazy the blogging folk are. LAZY. I say, in the old days, when we blogged we would have to go through 15 inches of snow…

So, in conclusion, the verdict is:

Download it already!