Top 8 Reasons Why You Need to Have Registry Easy PC Software

Registry Easy is an award-winning Windows Registry Cleaner that helps you scan your PC. Safely clean the errors & invalid entries which cause system slowdown, freezing and crashing! Repair registry problems! Improve your PC performance!

8 Key Features of Registry Easy + More!

  1. Comprehensive Scan on Your Demand: Registry Easy provides a completely automatic scan and it can analyze the entire registry of your computers in seconds. By selecting the category you want, the industry-leading scanning engine will find out and list the detected problems for you.
  2. Registry Reparing Made Easy: Registry Easy is easy to use for the overwhelming majority users. It provides robust and effective registry reparing solutions with simple interface where our users can restore their systems to the optimal state by only a few clicks.
  3. Safe Backup Mechanism: Whenever you run Registry Easy (after the first time) for scanning and fixing, a backup file will be automatically created and you can recover the registry within the powerful Backups section.
  4. Rich Built-in Utilities: Registry Easy includes a mass set of built-in toolkits to optimize the system performance you can ever have.
  5. Evidence cleaner (NEW!): Completely remove all traces of your Internet activityand protect sensitive information while improving your computer’s performance.
  6. Junk File Cleaner: Scans and cleans up the junk files from your system to free valuable storage on your hard drives and allow applications to run faster and more efficiently.
  7. IE Tools: Ensure a better and healthier internet experience by blocking malicious plugins and restore Internet Explorer to sound performing states.
  8. More: There are other great utilities,including Duplicate File Cleaner, Block ActiveX, System Optimizer,Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, and more to effectively improve the performance of your system.

Why Choose Registry Easy?

Registry Easy uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. With a few easy steps Registry Easy will scan your entire Windows registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found. After that you can choose to clean list items with selection or automatically repair them all.

For your convenience and protection, Registry Easy also provides a backup mechanism for any repaired files so that you can easily recover any changes if required.

photo image screenshot of comparison chart of registry easy with other registry cleaners