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How a Reverse Mobile Number Directory Saved My Sanity

“Stupid boys!” Mallory was furious as she got in the car after school. “Stupid, stupid boys!” Mallory, all grown-up in tenth grade, is usually a pretty tough customer. It takes a lot to make her mad, and it takes even more to make her furious as she was as she hurled her backpack across the […]

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Business Case Studies: Using Reverse Cellphone Directories

When a small business depends on incoming calls for the majority of its sales, a reverse telephone look-up service has three huge benefits: It assures employees’ accuracy and efficiency. They get the correct spelling of the customers’ names, and they get correct addresses;if they’re confused, they get a tool for checking their work. It gives […]

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How Reverse Phone Directories Are Used By Ordinary People

Until just a few years ago, only grizzled, street-tough detectives and international men of mystery had access to “reverse phone directories.” They seemed far more James Bond than Joe Sixpack. Of course, with the rapid expansion of internet technology and privileges accorded average citizens under the Freedom of Information Act, reverse phone directories have become […]

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