Mario Kart Wii: Let Nintendo Race Your Wii

Among computer games, Mario and Luigi are the characters that have left the most impressive imprint on the video gaming lives of all the gamers that have fought through those side-scrolling levels. Who could forget the mushrooms that make you big, the flowers that make you spit fire, and the flying ducks? The game has been through so many spin-offs, from Wario World to Mario Paint. Here’s another one, which may be the best Super Mario Bros spinoff yet – Super Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii. It’s one of the best video games so far for the Nintendo Wii. The original version of Mario Kart was launched almost 15 years ago and through the years, it has remained as the king of kart racing games. As we know with the development of video games, the passing of time brings with it a greater expectation that the game features will also change – especially in terms of graphics and gameplay.

The Craziness of Mario Kart Wii

Unlike some other modern video games that no doubt complicate first-time users, the game presentation of Mario Kart Wii is simple. The visual and audio presentation underwent a modest development. Basically, the game is similar to the GameCube version (Mario Kart: Double Dash), the Nintendo 64 version (Mario Kart 64) and the Nintendo DS version (Mario Kart DS) – notwithstanding its 480p video resolution and widescreen support. Players can get ahold of wide-encompassing gaming choices. A player can get into the modifying fun by stuffing the game with a wide-range of content, since the moment when the license has been established and your game character has been linked to a Mii avatar, the game will then track the statistics about online and offline results. You can then choose various vehicles and characters that will make the game more exciting. Overall, the player can have access to 12 characters, 6 vehicles, and 16 courses. However, as stated above, by playing as a single player you’ll get the chance of unlocking more courses, better vehicles, and characters.

Moreover, Wii MarioKart embraces the ability to use race bikes to drive FAST but of course, you can still make use of the usual racing cars. Not just an ordinary feature to the series, bikes possess a whole lot of different characteristics than the standard characteristics karts do. For one, bikes are livelier when traversing paths as well as goes through curves smoothly. To go through curves even better, activate the power slide that can help you provide a super sharp turn that will feel as if you’re flying through the track. Indeed, these bikes can allow you to move down the track faster than usual.

The Mario Kart Multi-Player Party Time Fun Obsession

As a Wii MarioKart player, you’ll no doubt be developing a fascination with rocket-powered speed that is just not found in other racing games. You’ll always find yourself searching for the craziest and weirdest path of the track looking for any opportunity to maximize your ability to go faster and push your kart to the max. Moreover, the storyline is safe and sensible even for kids so parents won’t feel that their kids are into computer games that promote war and chaos. In Wii MarioKart there’ll always be something fun – in fact, by only playing a single day, I suddenly become so addicted because this game is so damn totally exhilarating! It’s able to expertly mix cartoon silliness with a fiercely random cruel streak.

Even though I’m a bit old for cartoons, Mario Kart Wii still expertly able to bring out the kid in me, I’m pretty sure that everyone will feel the same towards this awesome game! You’ll never have a dull moment because every sharp curve and super-fast straightaway spells nothing but F-U-N!