Made of Honor: An Unbridaled Comedy

A movie starring Patrick Dempsey will always be a hit for most women. Look at that guy – Dr. McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy – and he doesn’t even make the slightest attempt to win women over, he just simply does. Getting him to be the lead man in Made of Honor is the best choice that the casting team did for the movie.

The story line of Made of Honor is no different from the rest of the movies in the romantic comedy genre such as My Best Friend’s Wedding and When Harry Met Sally. But suckers for these types of romantic comedy will yet enjoy another lighthearted and humor-filled love story with Made of Honor.

The Story of Made of Honor

Tom is the name of the character that Dempsey portrays and Tom is just like any other guy you meet who loves women. In fact, he met Hannah, played by Michelle Monaghan, when he mistakenly crawled into her bed instead of her slutty dorm roommate. Ever since then, they have become each other’s confidante and best friend, no matter how unacceptable Tom’s behavior to women is to Hannah. He is a playboy who sleeps with a different woman every single day.

The plot thickens when Hannah moves to Scotland for a job. While in Scotland, she gets stuck during a rainstorm and well, you can guess what happens next. She is rescued by Colin, played by Kevin McKidd, a Scotsman of royal origin. Then, they fall into a whirlwind romance which leads to the planning of their wedding in a short amount of time. Nothing could go wrong for Hannah because Colin is everything that a woman hopes for – dashing, rich, handsome and cool.

However, when Tom learns about this, he is appalled at the notion that his best friend may be getting married to the wrong guy. What makes it worse is that she has asked him to be his maid of honor. In the process, he realizes that he is falling for his best friend. Another comedic revelation adds to this already well-loved theme and that is having one of the bridesmaids in the wedding to be someone Tom has slept with and dumped in the past.

Tickle Your Girl Fancy

A humorous and chaotic plot, which will give good hearty laughter and will definitely tickle a girl’s fancy of being swept off her feet by two different guys. One thing to admire about Made of Honor is the superb acting that all the actors have done to make the movie a believable one. Nothing can also beat the Scottish scenery and the romantic feel that it gives the viewers.

There is really nothing new to see in this movie, but if an afternoon of light comedy will suit you, then by and far, this movie is one recommended flick to watch, especially with your ever supportive boyfriend. Just make sure that you promise him a trade for watching this movie with you so that you will not hear him complaining about how the movie’s theme is already a thing of the past. Most of all, do enjoy watching the movie and don’t stop yourself from identifying with Hannah.

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