Let’s Talk Engrish: A New Crap Everyday

First of all, let’s take a look at the header image:

Yes folks, he’s going to give you a new crap everyday.

Oh, and there’s some gems when you read his blog. Take this excerpt of his blog post, for example, about his friend getting a needle in his butt and his experience with leeches:

He’s a married guy with several kids, very nice person and would talk to anyone t any time. One day, while few of us getting together chatting, one of my assistant took out a needle.

“Look what I found on my chair justnow, someone left this needle on my chair and almost poke on my butts!”.

All in a sudden, that colleague of mine stood up and ran some 10 feet away from the group. Seeing something amiss, I ask him whats going on?

“Emm.. I afraid of needle, would you mind keep that needle away,” he said.

“Man, you afraid of that tiny little needle? You’re a man and already a father and you tell me you afraid of this little needle? Good try but I’m not amused,” I said to him.

My assistant then chase him around the department holding the needle and that fella is running like there is no tomorrow. Somehow, I finally realise that he has phobia on needle. It really makes me wonder how a big man could be afraid of a tiny little needle?

As for myself, I think I do has phobia too. I was afraid of leech and those squirming little slug. Don’t know why but I felt they’re disgusting and I always tend to run away if I sees them. But my phobia was’t really so serious. During my secondary school period, I like to go fishing and it isn’t something odd to find leeches and occasionally would have a few of them stick on our feet sucking our blood. I was quite freak up at first but eventually got used to it.

Another quick gem:

What’s Bak Kut Teh without this-hot-shredded-cili-padi. Well, just don’t take too much or else at the end of the day you may end up squatting in the toilet holding the tap hose on your butts to cold off the Hot !