Iron Man: The Blockbuster Movie That Rocks the Comic Book World

Want to know if you should see Iron Man? I’ll give you a quick tip: just watch it and spend a good deal of your time with the movie Iron Man. Big fans of this Marvel comic book character will no doubt enjoy every minute of the movie, making it a recommended movie to watch. For those of you who have no idea whatsoever who Iron Man is, it is worth it to give this movie a bit of your time and then you’ll have the general gist of the Iron Man character in the end. Sure, we have been raised to heroize (is that a word?) Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. Iron Man’s character is very different from those and make put some people off since he is not a character whom you will admire at first glance.

Tony Stark: Playboy by Day, Superhero by Night


The main character, Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey, Jr. is a rich and well-known playboy. He is also a brilliant genius and is a heavy manufacturer of weapons. The story of Iron Man is not really the type that builds up fast into introducing the superhero; instead many processes are being undertaken before he dons the iron suit. Tony Stark’s character is very unpredictable because of the many layers that hide his real being. He has a great wit and is eccentric at times but during difficult times, he is able to show that he has a kind heart.

The Iron Man plot is not the typical save the world fare that is usually seen in superhero movies. Change is very essential to the character since his personal views are put into question. The acting performance done by Robert Downey Jr. is superb and he is a perfect fit for the role. It is his acting that proves to be the strongest part of the movie. Downey Jr. has identified with the character so well that it seems as if he is Iron Man himself.

No superhero goes without a lady love and the choice of Gwyneth Paltrow could not get any better. Remaining the sweet person that should be portrayed in her character, Paltrow effectively delivers a change in emotion that varies from hurt, confusion, and desire with just the slightest movement in her face. The other actors in the film also complement the acting of both Downey Jr. and Paltrow and add to the remarkable movie that is Iron Man.

The IronMan Special Effects


The special effects and computer generated graphics (CGI) of the movie is not the typical overboard superhero movie special effects we’re used to, but it remains outstanding. People who love a great story that is coupled with some cool effects to complement it will surely love Iron Man. Definitely a Marvel comics portrayed at its best, this will not only entertain you but also give you a sense of satisfaction as you finish with the movie.

Highly recommended to the viewing public who wants to have a good time thinking and watching superhero/action films, Iron Man is a definite blockbuster movie that no one should miss. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you better go out (right now!) to do so. You’re also going to want to pick up the Iron Man DVD, Iron-Man Blu-Ray, and the Iron Man movie soundtrack on CD as well. You’re also going to want to pick up the Iron Man video games for the Home Computer PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PSP, and Sony Playstation 2. While Iron Man may not currently be as popular as other Marvel and DC superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Spiderman are at the present moment, he will continue to have a constant following from his new converts.

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