Hookup 3D Game: The Virtual Sexgame To Download & Play With Yourself

Hook Up 3D is a video game that was developed in 2005-2006 and it’s a XXX (Triple X) Sex Simulator.

This is officially the first time I’ve ever played or reviewed a game like this 😯

It’s a freeware game (meaning free to download – as far as I can tell) and it’s about 125 MB in size.

It’s a sex video game about having “real 3D sex”, except that it’s characters on a screen, it’s not really you having sex. 🙂

It supposedly simulates “real classic love” where you can fulfill all of your “deviations and liberties” – all you need is a virtual man, a virtual woman, and your imagination.

You get 3 different characters to choose from, 3 men and 3 women. You also get 3 choices as to the environment you want to have your virtual sexual rendezvous.

You choose the “lovers” you want and the “theme room” before you start, as well as the graphics quality settings which are adjustable in the game menu before you begin.

Once you start the game, the game menu opens up. In this menu you’ll find various icons in the lower left corner of the screen which allow you to more or less influence what the “virtual lovers” do on the screen. There’s over 80 different “moves” you can have them do. If you don’t press a button, don’t worry, they’ll get it on. Other interesting customizations you can do is choose the positions the lovers do – there’s 8 different positions to choose from.

All types of virtual sex are covered: foreplay, oral sex, and the actual sex act. You can choose from different angles and perspectives – you have full control over the camera.