Halo 3: Microsoft Xbox 360 Combat Re-Evolved

Ever wondered when Master Chief will finish that seemingly eternal fight against the Covenant? Well, the time has come with the launch of Halo 3 for the Microsoft Xbox 360. Will the fight that the evil aliens started end with this finale of the popular first-person shooting (FPS) game? This will be revealed once you get to play the last sequel of the game. Of course, you’ll have to beat the game first!

The Progression of Halo 3

Halo 3 is definitely better than the first two installments of the game. However, if you haven’t had the chance to play the first two games (Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2), then you might be confused with the storyline presented in Halo 3, as there are no recaps whatsoever to give a new player the rundown of what’s going on and who the key players in the game are. As with the other two installments of the game, humans lead by Master Chief are out to save the world from destructive aliens which are named the Covenant. Indeed, this is achieved not with a feel-good ending that is common and usually expected in most game endings. Instead, Halo 3 sets itself apart by giving an ending that is based on sophistication, and if you don’t understand what the ending is all about then you haven’t played the other two Halo video games long enough. Here’s a hint: watch what happens after the Halo 3 credits are done rolling. 🙂

The quality of action that happens in Halo 3 is far better than its two previous predecessors. Gameplay is improved with superb graphics, excellent ambient and action sounds, newer weapons, enemies and better artificial intelligence. Yet even with the seemingly better environment that Halo 3 is offering its avid gamers; the third and final installment just does not give the overall awesomeness that the first installment gave, which is very understandable as Halo 1 was a landmark videogame.

What is for sure though, is that Halo 3 is going to hold onto its place in the video game market because of the online gaming it offers its players. Although it can use some improvements for a better game play, it is undeniably much better than Halo 1 and Halo 2 in this regard. There are so many features that Halo 3 has that the other two do not have. It’s really up to you to figure it out for yourself – this way when you play the game you’ll get that incredible, “Oh wow, I didn’t think that could be done in video games” moment.

How Halo 3 Compares to Halo 1 and Halo 2

Halo 3 will mark its place in the Halo trilogy history and deservedly so. However, it would not be here today if the other two Halo installments did not pave the way for it. Props have to be given to the Halo predecessors but Halo 3 is a superior product that will definitely keep all gamers in their seats obsessing until the end. What’s even better is that even after finishing the game, you know that the legacy of Halo as a game will continue to live on and continue to amaze future generations of video game players. Players are even going crazy about the Halo books (The Flood, First Strike, & The Fall of Reach), Halo 3 soundtrack, Halo 3 Official Strategy Guide, and the Halo 3 Xbox 360 special edition system!

We can all assume that another version of the Halo trilogy will come out in the near future – with the Master Chief having better weapons and the Alien enemies becoming even more sophisticated. Of course, only the people at Bungie Studios (the masterminds behind Halo) will know for sure about any future development. Halo fans will definitely be looking forward to it, no matter how long the development of the new Halo version takes.