Business Case Studies: Using Reverse Cellphone Directories

When a small business depends on incoming calls for the majority of its sales, a reverse telephone look-up service has three huge benefits:

  1. It assures employees’ accuracy and efficiency. They get the correct spelling of the customers’ names, and they get correct addresses;if they’re confused, they get a tool for checking their work.
  2. It gives the business a tool for building a database of customer information. The business owner can store information according to customers’ telephone numbers, so that when they call again, associates can address customers by name, thank them for calling again, and guide their choices by knowing their preferences.
  3. The reverse telephone look-up service gives the small business a tool for building customers’ loyalty through direct mail and door-hanger campaigns.

I’m going to cover some case studies of business that have used reverse mobile phone number directories to find out customers telephone numbers and how it’s made their business and profit grow by leaps and bounds:

Giuseppe’s Pizzeria

Consider Giuseppe and our favorite local pizzeria: More than half of Giuseppe’s sales come from people calling-in for delivery. And in his neighborhood, people speak more than forty languages. Giuseppe and his staff do their best to get accurate information from callers; but language barriers sometimes are difficult to overcome. And a local business person never wants to ask for directions to a neighbor’s house or apartment. But the pizza still has to get to the caller’s address fresh and hot.

So, Giuseppe and his staff capture callers’ numbers as they place their orders, and they use their reverse telephone look-up service to confirm names and addresses. When they’re not quite sure about directions, they link to mapquest or Google maps for turn-by-turn information, and their pizzas always arrive right on time. Giuseppe uses his database to send coupons and promotions to his loyal pizza fans. And his business is booming.

Betty’s Beauty Shop

Betty and her beauty salon have been legend and landmark in her little town for as long as anyone ever can remember. Nothin’ is “a proper occasion” without a visit to Betty for the magic touch of her gifted “beauty fingers,” and the local ladies get their nails done just as regular as clockwork. “Cheaper ‘n therapy,” Betty chuckles, “and it lasts two weeks,” she laughs out loud.

Betty is one smart business woman, too. She understands that her customers’ loyalty is everything to her. So, when they call-in for appointments, Betty uses her reverse telephone look-up service, getting accurate information about their names and addresses, and she builds a database of all her customers’ favorite styles and colors. Every now and then, Betty sends a note or a card; often, she sends out coupons, inviting the ladies to try a facial or a good eyebrow wax. When Betty hasn’t seen a customer in a little while, she’ll give the little lady a call, just a “Howdy, how ya doin’?” suggesting a new “do” might be just the thing for a little pick-me-up.

Come prom time and wedding season, because she has her customers’ addresses saved from looking them up on the reverse call look-up, Betty sends-out a boatload of cards and e-mails, reminding all the girls to schedule early for their up-do’s and such. Come a week or so before the big prom, she sends out little reminders to the girls who have booked their times for hair, nails, and make-up.

With just a customer’s telephone number, Betty gets all the tools she needs for staying in touch with all the loyal ladies—address, e-mail, cell phone, home phone, the works. And when Betty stays in touch with the women, the women keep coming back to Betty and her salon.

Jolly Rancher Landscaping

When Frank, Jr. came home from college last summer, he quickly discovered all the good summer jobs were done. Even all the not-so-good summer jobs were gone. But Frank, Jr. is one resourceful character, going to college and all. If there wasn’t a job for him out there, he was going to make one. He got to work on his computer, and he printed up a few signs and a bunch of door-hangers. Then, he went around the neighborhood, and wherever he saw a lawn looking raggedy or a garden in serious need of weeding, he jotted down the address, put a hanger on the door, and made a note to follow-up.

A few people called and booked Frank, Jr. for a mow. When they called, Frank, Jr. used his reverse phone look-up service to get all their data, and after the mow, he sent a note and an e-mail, thanking the people for their business. Meanwhile, Frank, Jr. also followed-up with the folks where he had left the door-hangers. With just their addresses and a reverse look-up service, he could find the folk’s names and numbers; and because the people were his neighbors, Frank, Jr. mostly just called to introduce himself. “Oh, by the way,” Frank, Jr. just happened to mention, “I do landscaping.” And a few more people booked Frank, Jr. for a mow or a good weeding. Frank made sure he thanked all of them, too.

When he had a pretty good clientele, Frank, Jr. sent mailers to all his people, pointing out he could do all kinds of landscaping jobs—fix their sprinklers, rebuild their fences, plant some trees, spread some fertilizer, dig-out those nasty old stumps, give them the prettiest yards on their blocks. And more people called back for more services.

By the end of that summer, Frank, Jr. went back to State-U with more money than ever before.

Joe the Plumber

Everyone in the neighborhood knows and depends on Joe the plumber. He unclogs the toilets, rebuilds the sprinkler systems, puts-in the new water heaters, and, generally, if it’s something with a pipe and water, people trust Joe to take care of it. No one ever stops to wonder who’s taking care of Joe while Joe is taking care of us?

But Joe is one smart cookie. He’s as sharp with his business tools as he is with his wrenches. Joe and Amy, his daughter who runs his office, keep track of their business with their reverse phone-number look-up service. See, most folks, when they need Joe, the call in. Amy catches their phone numbers, punches those numbers right into the look-up, and has customers’ names and addresses lickety-split. She can get all the information right out to her daddy in no time at all—perfectly accurate and detailed. Amy even can look-up the customers’ addresses on mapquest or Google maps, getting turn-by-turn directions for him, and keeping him right on schedule.

When Joe finishes a job, Amy sends the folks a little “thank you” note and a coupon for the next time. It’s a nice little touch.

Because Joe uses his time and his tools both skillfully and wisely, he does the work of two or three average plumbers, and his business is good. “I trust that reverse phone look-up service like I trust a good pipe wrench,” Joe says. And we believe it.

Now, think about it: If you run a small business, and most of your customers reach you over the phone, how do you keep track of all their information? How do you build a database of customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails? With just a telephone, a computer, and a reverse telephone look-up service, you have all the tools you need to deliver great service and build customers’ loyalty.

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