Bully Scholarship Edition: To Bully or Not to Bully

There’s one truth about your school years: either you’re the bully or you’re the one being bullied. Here’s another truth: everybody had a taste of how it feels to be bullied. Rockstar’s new game fittingly known as Bully: Scholarship Edition (available for the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, and the PC) will allow the player to experience the situation as well as provides the tools to stand up to those bullies. The story is not like the usual game that we have in the market – this makes it even more exciting to play. Actually, when it was launched it was first ignored by consumers but with a new version known as Bully: Scholarship Edition, it’s suddenly gotten a good name in the gaming arena because unlike the former, the new edition is available with fully created graphics as well as providing seasoned gamers various new missions.

The Point of Being a Bully

The game focuses on a 15-year-old boy named Jimmy Hopkins who is a troublemaker himself. Since his mother has newly remarried a new guy, they are staying for a whole year trip; your character has been left in an institution – he calls it a prison – with browbeat boys all around him. Being a bully himself, he is now faced with the responsibility of balancing school’s different factions while at the same time trying to attend classes, getting rid of authorities, and sometimes seeing those kissing girls.

In a whole, Bully is a good example of an open-ended mission-based game; nevertheless it should not give you an impression that it lacks structure. Since the storyline features a school backdrop, you can expect the character to attend mission based classes and during the free time he is free to do whatever he pleases. However, to make the setup more interesting, you can go beyond these rules as long as you can do your stealth and carefully be away from the prefects who wander around the campus or the policeman who patrols the nearby town. The character can even wander until 2 a.m.- if you stay any longer than that this’ll automatically leave your character in extreme exhaustion since he has to wake up around 8 a.m. the following day. Cutting class is an exciting thing to do in Bully, however if you do this too often then you’ll lose the chance of gaining bonuses that are only given after you’ve completed five minigame sessions.

Why Being a Bully is Fun

This Bully game teaches me how fun school might’ve been if I was the bully 🙂 well as brings back the memories of my high-school days. Everyone for sure has their own exciting story about their high-school life and I’m glad I’m feeling the same old feeling of excitement and thrill that I had before, during my younger years. The moral lesson of the story will be appreciated by parents because it tenders the idea that being a bully isn’t funny at all! Now, I have reasons to stay late during weekends because of this game- great excitement that never fails to keep me entertained. Moreover, this also differs from other video game because of its realistic concept.

Overall a great game to play!

Bully: Scholarship Edition video game is currently available for the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, and the PC.

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