Be an Overnight Genius: Deluxe Training for the Whole Family

Deluxe Training – just the name attracts me right off the bat. Makes me think though, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so how could someone become a genius in as fast as one day? When I read the whole article, that’s when I found out that it’s actually a product intended for people who want to master common computer programs. Since my little sister and brother are all in their schooling stages, I decided to purchase the product out of curiosity. Upon its arrival, I hurriedly turned on my computer, popped in the Deluxe Training CD-ROM, and started browsing all the features that it offers. I must say that it’s really intended for beginners – however there are a lot of tips and techniques which even a computer pro like me was able to use.

The Overnight Genius Program Details

Let me not get too deep into all the extraneous and boring details of Deluxe Training – instead let’s hit and emphasize the key points of this learning software. Among common computer programs, the one that is most likely to complicate the casual user is Microsoft Excel, which is an effective tool that you use in order to evaluate, compare, and summarize key information and data that will help the user to manage office, school, and even personal files correctly. Most professional users of Microsoft Excel are those that are in in a career field that utilizes mathematics as a basis of their job, such as those that work as auditors or accountants. This is a given since the program is essential in the analysis of professional-looking reports and charts. Simply put in a nut, Microsoft Excel will allow the user to make spreadsheets, develop spreadsheet analysis, control information much more efficiently, and make graphs and charts without any hassle.

Now, just like anyone who finds Microsoft Excel a bit rough to understand, I found Deluxe Training to be a big help. I used their product learn more about Excel and the title really speaks for itself, I became a genius overnight. The lesson plan in the program was very clearly laid out and followed in a fun and easy way that helped me to never find it hard to grasp the idea they were trying to say. In the Deluxe Training package, you’ll find Multimedia Training CD-ROMs that are programmed with live instructor-led classroom sessions – this really helps you to get into the learning atmosphere and gives you the opportunity to do hands-on lab simulations. Lessons are available for Microsoft Office products including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Frontpage, eBay selling and antivirus protection.

How Computer Based Training Can Help You Learn Microsoft Office

Certainly, I gained a lot of insights from this product without spending a lot of my time. Computer-Based Training is a cost-efficient and time-efficient way to help teach you fast while still remaining in a price range which is a whole lot less compared to what a usual class in your local university or city college would cost you. What’s even more amazing and helpful is the fact that you can always go back to the lesson by simply playing the CD again in order for you to fully master the methods, something that is not possible in classroom classes.

Although you can only play the CD at your computer and not in an audio cd player, this won’t rob you of the easy learning potential – the full motion video, serious assessment and challenging labs will make each session fun and memorable! The price of the Deluxe Training product is surely worth the money so in that regard there is nothing to complain about. This is indeed a good product for those who want to understand how to get to the functional of these commonly-used programs fast. My little sister just asked me if we can get all the sets of Deluxe Training for her birthday, I said yes right ahead because after all, kids should not be deprived of learning. But she has to clean the dishes first. 🙂

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