Apple TV: The New Face of Digital Entertainment

When the Apple iPod was first launched, people went crazy over the ultra-intuitive features and functionality. Now with the Apple TV, there has been a major hype created which has even convinced tons of non-Apple fans to go out and try this out for themselves. The basic run-down of the Apple TV is this: it’s a device that bridges iTunes to a HD or ED TV. This enables the user to watch TV, play movies, jam out to music, listen to podcasts and see music videos.

The question now is this: Is it worth to have an Apple TV in your living room?. The answer to the question presented is really dependent on you as the user, but my personal recommendation is that you get one right now! I’ll recommend it even more highly if you are a lover of anything Apple and a new technology aficionado. I’ll hook you up with an overview of the pros and cons of Apple TV – this’ll help you decide if (or when) you have to get one for yourself.

What Happens When You Order and Receive Your Apple TV

When you get your own Apple TV, don’t be surprised if you only receive a power cord in the Apple TV packaging. All the other cable attachments needed for proper Apple TV operation you’ll have to buy in retail stores (think Best Buy, Apple Store, etc) which can cost a bit. In the end though it’ll be worth it because you’ll get your Apple TV working and showing you some badass television shows, music, and podcasts! When you take a look at the Apple TV construction, you’ll notice it’s built with an excellent eye for quality and all parts are definitely done in the highest precision, which you can always really expect from Apple merchandise.

The newest version of Apple TV that came out (AppleTV Version 2.0) is an even upgraded and updated version that you’re going to want to update and download to immediately – making your Apple TV the hub of your living room entertainment. At the current Apple TV price, there’s no way you can tell me that this isn’t a ridiculously versatile piece of entertainment equipment that’ll let you do almost anything related to Apple iTunes. Even better, this new version features easy Mac integration and you won’t need a computer whenever you want to watch rented movies.

An Inside Look at the New Apple TV v2 GUI

With the new AppleTV v2 the already excellent user interface is improved even further with the new two column look, major categories on the left and subcategories on the right. If you are a new user of the Apple TV 2.0, you won’t notice the improvements, but if you are one of those old-school users that got the first version, it’ll take a few minutes or seconds of your time to get the hang of the new user interface that Apple has thrown out there with the new version. As expected, everything remains simple and easy – even with the improved UI.

Since the Apple TV 2.0 is made for user interaction, you won’t have a big problem with the usability. Movies will ultimately be one of the biggest reasons why you got the Apple TV in the first place. Good news – browsing movies with this new version will prove to be a breeze. It has a Top Movies section which has a search function and a genre browser. While we’re on the subject, I’ll recommend to have Apple TV remember your Apple login and password to save you the time. Once you’ve got that successfully entered, Apple TV will buffer it up and you can now start viewing your selected movie.

The quality of podcasts, movie trailers, and YouTube videos are also similar to what you get in your computer, but you get it in a much larger screen. TV and music browsing is also very similar and may take some getting used to using the Apple TV remote control. However, once you get the hang of it, then you will do just fine with the remote.

Connect to Entertainment with Apple TV

Apple TV 2.0 really does an excellent job in presenting photos and making them look super slick. This is probably one of the biggest advantages of Apple TV that will convince you to make that purchase.

A problem that most users of Apple TV have is the limited content available in the market today, but if you plan to get one, just be patient that there’s no doubt that more content will be out soon. Come to think of it, when has Apple ever failed the Apple client base? Get the best of your Apple TV 2.0 and enjoy the best of entertainment in your living room.

The Apple TV is currently available in its standard 160GB version.

UPDATE: The Apple TV has now been upgraded to an even newer version than the one mentioned in this article! Buy it now!