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The Team


Say hello to our lead writer, Marisha! We’re very pleased to have her bring you reviews on the latest and hottest products and services  from all around the world! She’ll be writing on a lot of different topics, so if you find an article you like, make sure to write a comment at the bottom of that post and say hi! Here’s an intro from Marisha:

Hi guys 🙂 So my name is Marisha, I’m born and raised in the USA but my family is pretty worldwide (my father is from Denmark and my mother is from France)! I’m sooo happy to be able to write for you guys on a regular basis – I love reviewing products and services and I want to share my love with it with you. We’ll be talking about the hottest products and services on the internet, talking to authors and product specialists, getting you free access to cool services, getting you the coolest exclusives on the best new items available and having a fun time interacting! 🙂