10,000 BC: The Legend, The Battle, and the First Hero

10,000 BC is one film that you should not miss seeing. The film’s writer, co-director, and co-producer is Roland Emmerich, the same person that gave us Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, so you can expect to see similar types of amazing special effects in this movie. The movie’s genre can be described as an epic action film dealing with human history. Special effects are the movie’s most admired part and if you happen to be a lover of computer-generated effects (CGI), then expect the best from this movie.

10,000 B.C. Special Effects Masterpiece

The storyline of the movie is not really that outstanding but the effects that go along for the ride in the movie will make you forget this fact. Yes, the effects are so great that you’re going to have to hold on to your seat for every single one of the amazing action packed scenes in 10,000 BC. We all know that there are some movies that you watch for the storyline and it’s obvious that 10,000 BC will not be one of them – it’s all about the special effects. In that sense it’s sort of like Jurassic Park – decent storyline but amazing special effects. The movie, from start to finish, is a remarkable special effects masterpiece created by an army of technicians to make it really POP on the movie screen.

I’ll let you watch the movie yourself and have your own opinion on if the storyline and plot is acceptable, but I’ll definitely state that’s it’s a good enough movie to spend your time and money on. The story revolves around revenge, love, sacrifice, and survival. There will be some scenes that may not be very suitable for kids so bringing them to watch the movie might not be a good idea, even if they might be interested in seeing prehistoric animals like woolly mammoths and sabertooth tigers. The flow and historical facts presented in the movie isn’t very accurate or easily defined but you’ll be able to identify the eras presented in the movie.

What The Movie Does Great: Entertain

Even after telling you these negatives, it’s obvious that 10,000BC is a movie created to entertain. Watching this movie specifically for historical as well as anthropological accuracy should not be a focus for you – if it is you’re going to get very disappointed since 10,000BC is really off on these historical details. What this movie will do is delight you and anyone else that watches it with you with the many visual spectacles that are presented through superb special effects.

The acting is very mediocre in the film but then again, the characters are there just to provide life to a story, in a movie that was made to show the world the amazing leaps that special effects technology has taken in the past few years. There are acting scenes in the movie that are commendable but as a whole, the actors in the movie seem to all portray one emotion – fear. This is completely understandable though because most of the scenes contain events which cause the characters to get real scared (sabretooth tiger attacks, for one). I’m officially tagging this movie as one to watch if you have the free time to do so.

The Final Word on 10,000 B.C.

Generally speaking, the movie will never be the blockbuster hit that Independence Day was, but it is one movie that can stand on its own. Watching 10,000BC will give you the “lighter” side of evolution because sometimes, we just have to have the imagination to see beyond what our history books are telling us – 10,000BC gives us just that with all the amazing special effects there is possible today.

10,000 B.C. is currently available in both DVD and Blu-Ray movie formats.