Managing To Have Fun by Matt Weinstein Book Review

[easyazon_image add_to_cart="default" align="right" asin="0684827085" cloaking="default" height="500" localization="default" locale="US" nofollow="default" new_window="default" src="" tag="reviewhookup-20" width="324"]Managing to Have Fun: How Fun at Work Can Motivate Your Employees, Inspire Your Coworkers, and Boost Your Bottom Line[/easyazon_image]True or false: Having fun at work contributes heavily to an organization’s success!

If you have any doubts about this statement, [easyazon_link asin="0684827085" locale="US" new_window="default" tag="reviewhookup-20" add_to_cart="default" cloaking="default" localization="default" nofollow="default" popups="default"]Managing to Have Fun: How Fun at Work Can Motivate Your Employees, Inspire Your Coworkers, and Boost Your Bottom Line[/easyazon_link]  may have some arguments to turn your thinking around.

If you already agree, the book is packed with inspiration, stories and tips to help you have more fun and play more at work.

In my thinking, fun is just one aspect of making people happy at work, but the good thing about fun is that it is:

  1. Cheap
  2. Instantaneous
  3. Available to everyone

One of my favourite stories from the book is about Ben&Jerry’s the notoriously anarchistic ice-cream manufacturer started by two Hippies. They (obviously) have no formal, corporate dress-code, so rather than “casual fridays” they sponsor “clash dressing day” where employees put on their worst matching outfits. And one time they sponsored “corporate day”, where everybody came to work in suits, ties, dresses, etc… and loved it :o)

[easyazon_block add_to_cart="default" align="none" asin="0684827085" cloaking="default" layout="top" localization="default" locale="US" nofollow="default" new_window="default" tag="reviewhookup-20"]Managing to Have Fun: How Fun at Work Can Motivate Your Employees, Inspire Your Coworkers, and Boost Your Bottom Line[/easyazon_block]

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Affiliate Code System is Destroying Traditional Marketing

Guess what?

Everything you know about affiliate marketing just become obsolete.

I’m serious.

If you’re relying on “traditional” ways to make affiliate sales through Clickbank, get ready for your very own recession…

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But seriously…

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Affiliate Code is Live & There’s a Crazy Bonus Waiting

The time has come.

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Recently, Michael Jones started experimenting with some new techniques on Clickbank, working as an affiliate.

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And that’s what he’s revealing in The Affiliate Code.

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Ewan Chia Releases Autopilot Profits Course

You want to read every word in Ewan Chia’s Autopilot Profits website now.

Here’s why:

If someone you knew to be enormously successful, who you respected and trusted offered to reveal to you THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SECRET that makes the difference in business between huge profits, wealth, and ideal lifestyle vs. struggling just to multiply your income without multiplying your work, hours or headaches.

Would you pay attention?

In a hurry?

That someone happens to be my top-secret “trump card” for making BIG MONEY on the Internet – Ewan Chia.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you probably have heard of him.

When I first came across him, I was rather skeptical.

But the truth is, his ‘crazy’ methods have added quite a few additional zeroes to my bank account.

So there’s no question in my mind that his ‘unusual’ moneymaking methods work like gangbusters.

Recently, he wrote something very controversial that would either make you suicidal or richer than you can now imagine.

If the webpage is not already removed, you may have a chance to read it here.

There are two possible outcomes after you read his letter.

You might wind up looking for a ledge.


You will be motivated like never before in your life by the epic opportunities lying right in front of you to dramatically increase your profits and income, and to use his secrets in your business as a fast wealth accumulator, and to reinvent your entire LIFE for the better.

Regardless, you want to hurry and read this rather urgent message NOW before his website disappears for good.

photo image of jo han mok's ebook called recipe for riches

The FarmVille Spy: Discovering Top Player Secret Tips

If you’re sick and tired of running around totally broke while other players get barns and greenhouses and the most expensive villa, this information is for you.

You’ve probably always wondered why you can’t seem to make as much money or level up as fast as the other players in the game.

Riccardo from FarmVille Secrets used to wonder the same thing. He thought,

“Where are these people making money so fast?”

“Are they buying it on FarmVille?”

“What are they growing and selling?”

So he set out to spy on all the successful players he could find to see just what they did to earn all of their money and to level up so fast.

He spent months using stealth tactics to track high level players everywhere from the forums to adding them and visiting their farms and back.

He discovered just what it was they were doing to make extreme amounts of money- and then improved upon their methods himself and even created amazingly profitable new techniques.

They never suspected a thing, that is, until he started making more money than all of them…If they found out that he spied on them- they would hate him even more!

He didn’t just spy on other players, but he interrogated them as well. Any time he saw wealthy players he would add them as a friend and strike up a conversation so he could learn all their secrets for myself.

The most common reaction from these players was to laugh about how easy it was to make money and how stupid people were for not doing it too. Most of them wouldn’t tell him their secrets, but slowly a few of them started to crack and let him have little tips about what they were doing.

Their strategies were so stupidly simple Riccardo from FarmVille Secrets was amazed he hadn’t thought of them first, many of them made money by growing and selling obvious crops at selected times of the day.

Many of them had “secret” techniques to dominate the game by increasing crop production and optimizing the farm layout.

(If you’re like most people that read FarmVille Secrets you’re going to freak out once you learn these techniques!)

And these guys never had withered plants or ever needed to sell off their assets for money. They always just knew what to do to have the edge in the game (Believe me, it’s not what you think!)

Top 8 Reasons Why You Need to Have Registry Easy PC Software

Registry Easy is an award-winning Windows Registry Cleaner that helps you scan your PC. Safely clean the errors & invalid entries which cause system slowdown, freezing and crashing! Repair registry problems! Improve your PC performance!

8 Key Features of Registry Easy + More!

  1. Comprehensive Scan on Your Demand: Registry Easy provides a completely automatic scan and it can analyze the entire registry of your computers in seconds. By selecting the category you want, the industry-leading scanning engine will find out and list the detected problems for you.
  2. Registry Reparing Made Easy: Registry Easy is easy to use for the overwhelming majority users. It provides robust and effective registry reparing solutions with simple interface where our users can restore their systems to the optimal state by only a few clicks.
  3. Safe Backup Mechanism: Whenever you run Registry Easy (after the first time) for scanning and fixing, a backup file will be automatically created and you can recover the registry within the powerful Backups section.
  4. Rich Built-in Utilities: Registry Easy includes a mass set of built-in toolkits to optimize the system performance you can ever have.
  5. Evidence cleaner (NEW!): Completely remove all traces of your Internet activityand protect sensitive information while improving your computer’s performance.
  6. Junk File Cleaner: Scans and cleans up the junk files from your system to free valuable storage on your hard drives and allow applications to run faster and more efficiently.
  7. IE Tools: Ensure a better and healthier internet experience by blocking malicious plugins and restore Internet Explorer to sound performing states.
  8. More: There are other great utilities,including Duplicate File Cleaner, Block ActiveX, System Optimizer,Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, and more to effectively improve the performance of your system.

Why Choose Registry Easy?

Registry Easy uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. With a few easy steps Registry Easy will scan your entire Windows registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found. After that you can choose to clean list items with selection or automatically repair them all.

For your convenience and protection, Registry Easy also provides a backup mechanism for any repaired files so that you can easily recover any changes if required.

photo image screenshot of comparison chart of registry easy with other registry cleaners

Getting Organized in Your Business: Reverse Phone Directory

Every now and then, I wonder what ever happened to the top of my desk. Under all the papers and post-its and notes and expired coupons and junk mail and tear-off sheets from the bills, I should be able to find a nice smooth, shiny slab of solid oak. I know I am!

So, every now and then, not because I really have the time, but just because I really cannot stand it any more, I get busy and clean-off all that stuff.

I’ll bet you already know what I find: Phone numbers.

Everywhere, phone numbers. Sometimes with a name; usually just the number. When my children take messages, they don’t write-down details; they just write numbers. And I found lots of “800” numbers, too.

These numbers must mean something, don’t you think?

Every one of those phone numbers contains the seed of a relationship – a business connection, a link to the parents of my children’s friends, a way to track down my errant teen-agers when they’re out too late, maybe even the seeds of a new friendship. All in those numbers.

The last time I cleaned-off and organized my desktop, I followed my curiosity about all those phone numbers.

Using the reverse telephone number look-up service, I put names and addresses to all those numbers.

Sure enough, secreted in all those little scraps of paper, I had an entire personal network. The reverse phone-number look-up service helped me build a directory of all the people with whom I regularly do business, and I put together all of my friends’ digits, and I have built a system for keeping track of the kids, and I even found a promising new restaurant…that delivers!

Just a little bit of time with the reverse phone number look-up service and I got organized. Best of all, though, I got a life and my business is growing!

The truth is that if you run a small business and you want that little business to grow, a reverse telephone number look-up service provides one of your most powerful tools. The more you know about your customers, the more you can deliver good service, alert them to special promotions, develop rapport, and cultivate their loyalty. A little bit of time invested in the reverse phone number look-up service will yield a handsome return: you will run your business more efficiently and more effectively:

Efficiency: If you take just a moment to capture each customer’s telephone number—use your caller ID, ask for a business card, set-up a guestbook—you can develop an entire customer profile just from that one piece of information. With a bunch of index cards, or with any spreadsheet program, you can combine all those profiles into a customer database. Then, when a regular customer calls or comes in, you quickly can check his or her regular purchases, follow-up on special orders, or just give a personal greeting by name.

  • Customer Service: Working with the reverse phone number look-up service and building a database of your customers, you can track their visits and purchases. More importantly, though, you can use the information the look-up service provides to stay in touch with your customers. If you haven’t seen a customer in a while, send an e-mail: just ask, “How have you been? Love to see you in the store soon. Did you know we have your favorite widget on sale this month?” Use the address information to send out flyers, maybe even start sending out a little newsletter just to let the folks know what you and your business are doing.
  • Customer Loyalty: With just a phone number, you have the key that unlocks all the tools you need to communicate with customers in every way. The reverse telephone number look-up service will give you names, addresses, alternate phone numbers, and e-mail addresses; sometimes it will include employment data or information about your customers’ businesses. The more you stay in touch and develop rapport with your customers, the more they will trust you, and you will win their loyalty.
  • Protection: You also can use the reverse number look-up service to protect your own privacy. Many vendors use predatory marketing schemes, and a lot of people assume that, because you provide goods and services, you are public property. Keep yourself safe with the reverse look-up service’s privacy protection. Block other’s access to information.

Try Reverse Mobile today – a comprehensive reverse phone and mobile search is just a few mouseclicks and keystrokes away!

Is Your Fat Burning Exercise Routine Keeping You Overweight?

The majority of exercisers today still rely on long duration moderate paced aerobic exercise as their primary routine to burn fat fast.  But recent studies have shown that this is a big, I mean big mistake.  In fact, you could say that the whole aerobics explosion of a few decades past was one of the biggest mistakes in the health and fitness industry. Why?

There are several reasons, but I’ll focus on the two main issues here.  When you exercise at a moderate pace for extended periods of time (as in the typically recommended percent of your target heart rate), your body is burning fat during the exercise. While this may sound good, it’s actually bad news.

This sends a signal to your body to keep a certain amount of stored fat available for your next workout.  You’re essentially telling it that it needs fat available to burn, because you’ll be doing this exercise again. So while we may be burning some calories during this exercise, after the exercise is over, our body begins storing up some fat for the next workout.  Obviously not what we’re looking for in terms of maximum ability to burn fat fast.

The other big concern with moderately paced aerobic exercise performed several times per week is that it trains your body (heart, lungs, muscles, etc.) to become efficient. Again, this may sound good, but what is actually happening is bad for long term health.  You are working only within your existing aerobic limits, without improving your aerobic capacity.

This is important because your aerobic capacity is what determines how your body responds in times of physical, emotional, and mental stress. If you reduce your capacity for work, as you do in this type of exercise, you’re reducing your long term health, no to mention a poor chance of burning fat.

The good news is, you can reverse these effects by instead focusing your workouts on high intensity resistance training, with workouts that last 15-20 minutes on average, and can only be performed 2-3 times per week.

These workouts will burn carbohydrates instead of fat during the workout, and will cause your body to use its fat stores to replenish the burned carbs over the next 24 hours, after the workout is done!  This type of work will also increase your reserve capacity and thus your ability to handle all types of stress, leading to lasting health and fitness…and 24/7 fat burning.  Nice!

But the exercise must be performed correctly to be effective, and that means using sufficient intensity, and keeping your rest periods between exercises and sets down to 60 seconds or less.

The students of the Fat Burning Furnace method know this, and are reaping the benefits. When you think about how little time you have to spend compared to the typically recommended methods to get these fat burning and health creating results, it’s almost magical.

How To Make 5 Figures On Clickbank Your First Month

I’m not going to waste your time or insult your intelligence with petty hype and lame misdirection.

By now, you’ve seen the famous Michael Jones video about how he went from scratch with new techniques and made $64k on CB in a month, right?

At this point, I think every marketer with an internet connection has seen it.

Here’s the video:

So you know that it’s true. You’ve seen the proof, you watched him making that money, so you know it can be repeated. And here comes your chance…

Michael’s just released The Affiliate Code… it contains the exact secrets behind the video… … everything you need to start a serious online business now.

You can watch the videos, put the things he shows you into place, and sit back and wait for the money to come.

It doesn’t sound real, I know, but hey, the internet is changing. The same old techniques aren’t going to work forever. Doesn’t it make sense that something new will come along and change the game?

Well, here it is.

If you get over there and check out that link right away, you’ll see examples of how people are ALREADY making money with this thing.

And these aren’t Michael’s marketing buddies that he sneaked prelaunch copies to… I mean regular people just like you and me. Guys who have never made money before.

But they were able to do it with this system… and they were able to do it fast.

After all, aren’t you tired of putting sites and promotions together, only to HOPE that you make money?

Don’t you ever get sick of praying that your websites succeed?

Wouldn’t you rather set each site up and know that the traffic’s already there?

Believe me, it’s a lot better that way.

A lot more profitable too, because you can spend ALL your time working on things that actually make money.

But the doors are open right now… so get over there, and check it out. You’re going to be blown away, I promise:

By the way, I’m not trying to hype this up, this really is like nothing you’ve seen before.

You’ll get secrets you didn’t know existed, and you’ll suddenly realise how you can have a big passive income for zero cost…

Is Buying a FarmVille Strategy Guide PDF eBook Worth It?

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical when I first started seeing FarmVille guides popping up. I mean, I’d never really played the game, but from the name I assumed there couldn’t be all that much to it. After all, how much strategy could possibly go into building a virtual farm? But once I started seeing these guides, I figured it’d be worth taking a shot at the game to see what all the hubbub could possibly be about.

And I was actually rather surprised. Building my own virtual farm was much more enjoyable than I’d imagined it would be. Part of that was because there really were a lot of options and a lot of decisions to make. The more I played the game, the more I realized that there probably could be a lot of helpful information in a guide because there were just too many ways you could play.

I was doing alright on my own, but I was getting more and more curious about what I might be missing out on. After I reached level 13 and was having a hard time getting farther, I decided to give one of the guides a shot. I bought FarmVille Secrets, a relatively new guide and pretty up to date on the latest additions to the game. I really wasn’t expecting too much, but this guide just blew me away.

In no time, I was the Cream of the Crop, a level 24 farmer with a Big Family Farm and tons of neighbors to visit. Using the tips in this guide helped me way more than I thought they would – even when I read them. There’s a lot more to this farming stuff than meets the eye. I’d recommend picking up a copy of FarmVille Secrets if you’re interested in getting the most out of your FarmVille experience.

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